What You Should and Should Not Wear When Playing Violin

You have your own sense of style and when you are on stage in front of people, it’s natural to want to be dressed up and look your best. It’s your chance to shine! If you will be playing violin, however, you need to think carefully through every fashion choice before you take your place in the orchestra or step up for a solo. Knowing ahead of time what you should not wear when playing violin will save you from common problems others have encountered.

Start with thinking about where the instrument will touch your neck and shoulder, and do not choose overly loose clothing to play violin, particularly items like ponchos that could get caught in the instrument. And regardless of whether you are left or right handed, long fingernails prevent your fingers from being able to play well on the fingerboard. Naturally, gloves are discouraged for the same reason.

It’s not just your hands

There are a large number of jewelry items on the list of what you should not wear while playing violin. In terms of your fingers, you’ll want to avoid large rings that could get caught on a string or make a clunking noise when bumped against the body of the violin. Jangle bracelets are discouraged for the same reason; even if they don’t come in contact with the violin, they can emit unwanted noises when you move your arms around.

Large earrings also have the potential for clacking against the side of the violin. And dangling earrings can be particularly hazardous if caught in the violin when you’re playing. Not only would your performance be disrupted, but you run the risk of ripping an earring right out of your earlobe! Finally, stay away from chunky necklaces, with large beads or stones that could dig into you where you’re holding the violin.

It’s your whole outfit

Stay away from bulky clothing with yards of extra material, but don’t pick something too tight that could impede your ability to move your arms up and down with ease. Form-fitting, comfortable clothing is your best option. Finally, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes. Many women love the appearance of high heels, but they can make your feet pinch and throb after only a short time on stage.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to put this much thought into your clothing after you get the hang of it. Soon, you’ll know exactly what to wear that not only looks good but enhances rather than takes away from your performance. Read more here about the wide variety of violin outfits to choose from.

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