Cordoba Guitars: A Brief History, Instruments, and Popular Models

You likely have heard the name Cordoba Guitars being synonymous with high-quality nylon strung acoustic guitars. We’d love to share a bit more detail about the company and which models and instruments to consider when you are ready to purchase your next guitar or ukulele.

A Brief History of Cordoba Guitars

Based in Santa Monica, California, Cordoba Guitars was founded by Tim Miklaucic with the vision of bringing the nylon string guitar to as many people as possible.  One of the ways they achieve this mission is by offering expressive and beautiful hand made instruments at affordable prices for students and professionals alike.  With models designed by such master builders as Kenny Hill, Edmond Blöchinger, and Pepe Romero Jr., Cordoba instruments are made with a high level of detail and quality of tone. Cordoba Guitars also offers instruments for players not studying traditional classical guitar such as their Thinbody, Crossover, and Flamenco models, as well as instruments with pickups and a full range of high-quality ukuleles.

Popular Models

Some popular Cordoba classical guitar models are the Cordoba C5 and Cordoba C7.  These two models excel with fantastic tone, traditional Spanish aesthetic, and a great price.  With solid tops for quality tone and laminate back and sides for durability and value, the C5 and C7 are great instruments to consider whether you are entering the world of classical guitars for the first time or are looking for an upgrade to your current student level instrument. 

The Master Series

Other popular models include the California-made Master Series.  These are modern reproductions of famous instruments throughout history, featuring instruments by Antonio de Torres, Miguel Rodriguez, and Hermann Hauser.  These models are made individually by Cordoba’s luthiers in Oxnard, California. They feature the best quality tonewoods to achieve a sound quality that is authentic to their predecessor.  The Guitar Shop of Johnson String Instrument proudly works closely with the builders of the Master Series to create one of a kind instruments built to our exacting design specifications.

Buying a Cordoba Guitar

The Guitar Shop of Johnson String Instrument offers the full line of Cordoba classical guitars and ukuleles.  Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to learn more about how we can work with their luthiers to build you your dream guitar. 

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