How to Buy a Cello Online

Buying a cello online greatly expands the selection from which to choose, and allows you to purchase the precise instrument you want at a competitive price. Shopping online makes it possible to search music shops all over the country, rather than being limited by your location. Before you make a purchase, however, it’s best to visit a good violin or string store, in person, and test out different cellos. Take your time investigating each option and playing the instrument to feel the responsiveness, resonance, and tone.

You may also want to ask a teacher or experienced cellist to play, while you stand across the room and listen. Hearing the instrument from a distance will give you an idea of its projection ability. The size and weight of the cello also impacts the sound – the bigger the cello, the more tone is produced. You need to be able to handle the instrument, so calculating the correct size for your body is important. 

Read the Reviews

Once you’ve done your research and narrowed down the list of cellos you’re interested in, it’s time to find a reputable music store. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing from shops that sell instruments onlineis that you can read about the experiences of previous buyers with regard to both the violins, violas, and cellos they sell, and the store itself. 

Look for online shops that carry high quality instruments and have a reputation for being responsive to their customer’s needs. Take the same approach to the cellos on your shortlist. Along with perusing the description and technical specifications of each, narrow your choices down to the instruments that consistently get great customer reviews. 

Who to Buy From

Cellos, like all string instruments, vary greatly in price. The cost is a reflection of the quality of the individual instrument. Handmade cellos are more expensive as a result of the craftsmanship, type of materials used, etc. As you advance as a player, you’ll learn that a cello that is handmade by an experienced luthier possesses a quality of sound that far exceeds that of an instrument with machine made parts. 

We recommend that you buy from an instrument shop, not Amazon, because the experts on staff will be able to clarify questions about how much a cello should cost based on these variables. Second party sites such as Amazon sell nearly every type of good on the market, but they are not specialists and don’t offer the type of helpful service that you get from an actual music store. At Johnson String Instrument, we maintain excellent relationships with all of our present and past customers, and our friendly staff are always available to answer questions.

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