Naming Your Instrument

Naming inanimate objects may seem a bit quirky or even pointless to some, but plenty of people think of it as a fun way to give a bit of personality to a prized possession. You may know someone that makes a habit of naming their cars or their plants. But have you considered people who name their instruments?

For those who have multiple instruments, giving them each names can be a lighthearted way to differentiate between your favorites. Some musicians find the practice silly, but others claim it helps them connect more with their instrument and performances. Even some famous musicians like BB King name their instruments. While there may be no objective reason to do so, there’s also no reason not to name your instrument.

Where to start?

Naming your instrument may be more difficult than you expect depending on how creative you are with nicknames. The name of your instrument can be something meant to reflect its personality or its place in your life — or you can go with something cute and/or funny. Not sure where to start? You can come up with a name that is rhyming or an alliteration with the instrument itself. Referencing the instrument’s color or shape can also lend itself well to a name for your instrument.

Looking for inspiration?

Puns are also good inspiration for instrument names. Calling your upright bass “Lance” after singer Lance Bass or naming your violin “Lynn” are ways to incorporate the instrument itself into the name. You may also choose the name of a famous composer or instrumentalist, such as Carmine Valentino Coppola. And the name “Viola” is a girl’s name of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “violet.”

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