The Best Strings For a Warm Violin Sound

While there are many factors that contribute to the sound quality of a violin, strings play a large role in the overall tone. The simplest way to create a warm sounding violin is to use warmer strings. Warm strings create a rich tone or “dark” sound and can balance out shrill or “bright” sounding violins. However, not all strings are the same. Knowing which are the best strings for a warm sound can help you make the best choice for your instrument.

Top picks

One of the best strings for a warm violin sound is the Pirastro Obligato. Pirastro Obligato is an easily playable synthetic core string that maintains the complexity of a gut core string. Many violin players prefer these strings because they create a deeply warm and full tone which is rich with overtones. They are also durable, long-lasting, and break in easily.

While not as well-known, Warchal Amber Strings are another synthetic core option. These strings produce a velvety sound that is smooth and warm, and similar to the Obigato’s in tone. Considered low tension strings, the thickness of the strings helps them feel soft to the touch.

Finally, D’Addario Pro Arte strings are an affordable option that produce a mellow warm tone. These are a great choice for first-time players and students. A Perlon core string, the D’Addario is very forgiving and a good way to upgrade your gear inexpensively.

Time to warm up

Strings have a significant influence on the sound and playability of your violin, so it’s important to explore different options when looking for the right choice. If you’re thinking of changing violin strings to achieve a warmer sound, Johnson String has everything you need to play a stringed instrument. From gut to synthetic core, student to professional, we carry many of the best selections in our stringed instrument shop. Visit our store or browse our catalog for easy online shopping. And if you have questions give us a call or contact us by email.

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